7 September 2016

The seminar “Virtual Power Plants and Renewable Energy Cooperatives in Poland” will be held in Warsaw on 29th September 2016.
Newly adopted government regulations on Renewable Energy Sources (July 2016) as well as the "Market of Power" policy, will have a significant impact on the RES industry in Poland. New forms of energy enterprises will appear and mark their presence in the industry - the so-called "RES cooperatives" and "RES clusters".
Though, it seems that, at least in the near future, conventional, non-renewable sources of energy (coal, petroleum, gas) will be the predominant source of energy in Poland. However, nothing stands in the way of utilizing the Renewable Energy Sources as a perfect supplement of that system (as long as the right model of optimization and integration with the energy grid is used).

Recently implemented government initiative of "RES auctions" will certainly be an additional stimulus for the renewable energy industry. In order to be competitive on the market, RES companies need to monitor their production and analyse market demand, all in the effort to create an effective and profitable sale strategy.

One of the most reliable and tested set of solutions that guarantees effectiveness, stability and competitiveness within the dispersed energy market is the concept of "Virtual Power Plant".

VPP is a system that integrates different types of renewable power sources (wind-turbines, hydro, photovoltaic etc.), IT infrastructure and management platform - all controlled and monitored by a central authority in the effort to create a reliable, stable and efficient power supply. Power supply which can be used either to fulfil energy demand of a single industrial installation or be integrated in the energy grid, increasing its efficiency.
The technology of "Virtual Power Plant" has found numerous applications in the markets all over Europe, in Poland, however, the concept is rarely ever considered commercially - as a reliable and profitable solution.
The seminar will focus on problems like:

  • Regulations and investments for Virtual Power Plants implementation and development
  • Legal and commercial aspects of VPP and dispersed energy integration with the energy grid
  • New RES legislation in Poland (July 2016) - the potential of conglomeration/cooperation of RES installations as a way of effective utilization of renewable energy
  • Production and energy trade in RES installations with the application of VPP technology - new potential and challenges for the market
  • Market strategies and business models of VPP technology implementation in Europe
  • Smart grid and Virtual Power Plant - system integration
  • Energy Storage systems
  • Virtual Power Plant and the concept of "negawatts"

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